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Professor Dr. Hooi Ling Foo

Department of Bioprocess Technology,

Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences,

Universiti Putra Malaysia,

43400 UPM Serdang,

Hooi Ling Foo is a Professor in Industrial Biotechnology at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). She graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology in 1993 from UPM. She has then obtained a postgraduate diploma in Education in 1994 from the University of Malaya. In 1998, she completed a PhD degree in Plant Biochemistry at Wye College, University of London.

Hooi Ling Foo has broad research interests, encompassing the purification and characterisation of bioactive peptides and enzymes, applying lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites, and developing bioprocess technology. Hooi Ling researches Food and Enzyme Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology. The current research focuses are: A) Production, characterisation and optimisation of various preparations of probiotics, postbiotic/metabolites and paraprobiotics derived from Lactic acid bacteria and their applications as health supplements, B) Production, optimisation and characterisations of various preparations of postbiotic/metabolites produced by Lactic acid bacteria and their applications in cancer prevention and treatments, C) Production, optimisation, purification, characterisation and applications of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes produced by Lactic acid bacteria, D) Applications of bacterial cultures as a biotransformation agent, E) Bio-transformation of agro wastes as applicable and value-added products mediated by bacterial cultures, F) Optimisation of culture condition for the production of bioactive peptides, enzymes and valuable biological compounds.

Together with her research team, she has produced 5 book chapters and more than 100 articles in reviewed journals. Moreover, 20 patents from a total of 33 patents have been filed as project leader. At present, 10 patents were granted by Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, the USA, and Korea. Currently, Hooi Ling serves as an editor for the journal of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, an official journal of the International Society of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (ISBAB).

Hooi Ling is also active in various scientific societies. She is the newly elected President of the Malaysian Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria (MSLAB, 2021-2022). She was also the Honorary Treasurer for the MSLAB from 2014-2018 and as an Executive Committee of MSLAB for 2018-2020. She is also the elected Vice President of the Asian Federation of Societies for Lactic Acid Bacteria (AFSLAB, 2019-2021). She has a long contribution record for the Malaysian Society for Microbiology (MSM). She was the Honorary Secretary from 2004-2006, Honorary Treasurer from 2006-2015, Vice President from 2015-2017 and Honorary Auditor for 2017-2019.

MSLAB Executive Committee for 2022/2023


Professor Datuk Wira Dr. Raha Abdul Rahim (UTeM)


Professor Dr. Foo Hooi Ling (UPM)


Professor Dr. Kalavathy Ramasamy (UiTM)

Honorary Secretary:

Dr. Adelene Song Ai Lian (UPM)

Assistant Secretary:

Dr. Tang Swee Seong (UM)


Associate Professor Dr. Leslie Than Thian Lung (UPM)


Professor Dr. Awang Ahmad Sallehin Awang Husaini (UNIMAS)

       Professor Dr. Loh Teck Chwen (UPM)

Associate Professor Dr. Steven Lim Siong Meng (UiTM)

Dr. Shirley Tang Gee Hoon (MSU)

Dr. Muhammad Fareez Ismail (UiTM)

Mr. Jeff Kong Jiang Foong (Dong Fong Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.)


Co-opted Members:

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Nizam Lani (UMT)

Dr. Chew Shu Yih (IMU)

Dr. Jeffrey Lim Seng Heng (MARDI)

Dr. Muhammad Zaki Ramli (UniKL)

Honorary Auditors:

Associate Professor Dr. Helmi Wasoh (UPM)

Associate Professor Dr. Lim Yin Sze (University Nottingham Malaysia)


Professor Datuk Wira Dr. Raha Abdul Rahim



UPM fhl1.png

Professor Dr. Hooi Ling Foo



UITM Kala1.png

Professor Dr. Kalavathy Ramasamy




Dr. Adelene Ai Lian Song

Honarary Secretary



Dr. Swee Seong Tang

Assistant Secretary



Associate Professor Dr. Leslie Thian Lung Than




Professor Dr. Awang Sallehin Awang Husaini



Prof Dr Loh Teck Chwen.png

Professor Dr. Teck Chwen Loh



UiTM LSM_edited.png

Associate Professor Dr. Stevan Lim Siong Meng




Dr. Shirley Gee Hoon Tang


(Manipan University College Malacca)

Dr Fareez.png

Ts. Dr. Muhamad Fareez Ismail




Mr. Jeff Kong Jiang Foong


(Dong Fong Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.)

Nizam lani.png

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Nizam Lani

Co-opted Member


Chew Shu Yih.png

Dr. Chew Shu Yih

Co-opted Member



Dr. Jeffrey Lim Seng Heng

Co-opted Member


Dr Zaki UniKL.png

Dr. Muhammad Zaki Ramli

Co-opted Member

(University of Kuala Lumpur)


Associate Professor Dr. Lim Yin Sze

Honorary Auditor

(University Nottingham Malaysia)

UPM HW.png

Associate Professor Dr. Helmi Wasoh  

Honorary Auditor


Previous MSLAB Executive Committee

Comm Old_2018.png
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